Thursday, 15 June 2017

JeongSeon Rail Bike

What is so special about this Jeongseon Rail Bike?🆙
This a new type of leisure sport that adjoins biking along a railway and fresh natures. A promising scenic view, it suits for a family outing, 'friendzone' hang out place and date place for couples!💑👯👫
The rail bike starts in Gujeol-ri Station and ends in Auraji Station with a clear view of nature along the way. Nearby, there is a café named “A Grasshopper’s Dream” as it shaped for some desserts, drinks, and snacks. No worries such thing as tiresome as YOU can ride a train on YOUR way back for Free. You might have to make a reservation as the place becomes influx with locals and tourists! Don’t miss out this opportunity while you are in S.Korea!!
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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Jumunjin Breakwater, Gangeung. Olympic Winter Game 2018

Those who watched GOBLIN (Korean Drama) instantly knew this place. This seaside beach witnessed Goblin and his bride had a heart-to-heart conversation. They quarreled and reconciled here.💑 This seaside beach locates in Gangneung, which becomes insanely famous because of the drama location and its historical background. Jumunjin Breakwater was actually built long ago to protect the coastline from the effect of erosion and longshore drift. Presently, it becomes the attractive place for tourism and sightseeing.
Those who plans to visit the place may use Gangneung Express Bus Terminal and Jumunjin Express Bus Terminal to reach the destination🚍🚍🚍. Those who plans to overnight may book some of the hotel room at the EZ Hotel, Hotel Jin, Jumunjin Hotel or Bliss Pension.
Gangneung will become one of the hosts for Olympic and Paralympic Winter Game 2018. Don’t miss the chance to join the awesomeness of the festive. ⛷️🏌️🏂🚴🏇🏆
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