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Something about 1% is a remake of 1% of anything (Review)

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Original version

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A remake sometime could't equal or surpass the original one. One thing I could assure you is that this remake definitely giving a new modification to the original. This remake does not has much episode and one episode equivalent to 45 mins each. I could not get enough of this!

This remain the original plot about an agreement worth an inheritance between a Chaebol man (from an affluent family) and a pre-schooler teacher. The man namely Lee Jae-In has a nasty personality as apposed to rather outspoken school teacher. They are definitely out of league of the personality, education, status, family background, yet, something clicks between them, LOVE.

I myself would very mad if someone comes and accuses me as a materialistic women. She gives Lee Jae-In a good lesson that he wont't forget. The attorney himself feel proud of Da Hyun to be able confronting Lee Jae-In with such a noble attitude. For the first time, the best friend gets to see Lee Jae-In loss of word. Hahaha

They both boldly admit that they won't fall for one another. Few episodes show they are bickering one another. They pretend to be lover and do what lover always anticipate with though they do not put much effort to it. Well, sometimes we love what we hate. They find chemistry in a contract relationship.

Le Jae In finds 'home' toward Da Hyun despite all the bickering moments. He becomes more relax and enjoying the times with Da Hyun, his contract girlfriend. I can see he cares about Da Hyun feeling over things. I can see his big effort to bring a bouquet of flowers and balloons despite his unromantic personality. Thanks to the attoney, Jae-in makes a big step closer to a wedding bell! He now fall heels over head on her!

While, Da Hyun finds comfort in Lee Jae In nasty personality. (She also has a poor personality but not as worse as Lee Jae In). I am proud of this girl, she has a strong character to deal with an affluent Jae In ex-girlfriend. Though she aware of their different status, she irresistible falls in love with an awfully man she hates the most.

THEY SHOULD ANNULLED THE CONTRACT BY NOW. The contract getting their way to a more serious relationship. Moreover, Lee Jae-in left one sheet of the most important thing which make the contract is invalid i guess. 

This is a drama, a drama out of all the love showed. BUT, I see them like a real life couple instead. Why is this happening... they are such good actor and actress. I just love how they expressing their character. Thank you writer-nim for feeding my drama addiction!

Something different that the original obviously the gadget used. This remake use a recent smartphone with 'LINE' and emoticons. When I re-watch the original, I laughed in remembrance of past years using old version of handphone! how time flies~ he has to make a phone call and send message which require you to have credit because you are charged for it!

Another one, the original version has more than 20+ episode and the story is dragged to the extent sometimes it gets boring. While the remake one, we kinda has a feeling of 'could not get enough of it' and 'we want more'. Approaching to the ep13 next week makes me feeling irresistible.. why it should be ended.. how can i move one my life after this. arghh.

The original version gives attention to the Min Tae Ha and Jung Hyun-Jin love relationship. However, as for now in the remake does really focus on this second couple, yet. So, I don't really hope it gonna happening because I just want Da Hyun and Lee Jae-In moment all the time. Haha
The president (grandfather) does not show up as an old man in this remake. He just silently rooting for the couple.



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