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The K2 Review

 Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook) is a former soldier for hire. He is also called L2. Ke is hired as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo-Jin (Song Yoon-A). Choi Yoo Jin is the wife of a presidential candidate (Cho Seong-Ha) and the daughter from a chebol family. Meanwhile, Ko An-Na (Yoona) is the secret daughter of the presidential hopeful. She is also a recluse.



I personally think Ji-Chang Wook (K2) works diligently onto his character of strong, smart, persevere former soldier.  K2 went trough his hardest life back in a foreign country due to one betrayal. He sought refuges after one country to another country. He emotionally and physically in pain! [He is so different from his character in "The Whirlwind Girl 2"]. He acts excellently from his previous drama, 'The Healer' as well. In The Healer, he kinda playful and smile a lot, but, he does not here! he has a killer vibe where no one wants to be close to him.

Now, he lives his quiet life in Korea, his homeland. Not until one event, again, he undergoes a dangerous enemies will meet again in narrow streets and meet with Anna in Madam Choi's house. However, because of something, he ends up saving Madam Choi's life. He later is hired by her as a bodyguard in JSS. His colleagues hate him dearly. They fight against him whenever they have chances.Well, as always, K2 wins!!! [the fights are extremely.... provocative....]

His first mission is to safeguard the secret daughter of presidential candidate which also the step daughter of Madam Choi, Go Anna. At the same time, he also has to follow Madam Choi's tail. Their Business partnership does not seem pure. Both parties suspicious one another but in one side, K2 believes Madam Choi will keep her promise. While, Madam Choi seems does not easily trust people because she has been betrayed by her close ones. That makes her possesses evil, revengeful and hardened character. She feels betrayed by the husband and needs him for some reasons, reclaiming her right on the JB Group!

 While safeguarding Anna, K2 becomes close to her. Anna starts to relies on him in every matter. Up to eps 10, their relationship keeps increasing and more, they kissed! They kiss under a blanket where i Had to skip the scene because i feel shy. Haha. Other websites described Anna as being "childish". It is understandable since she newly steps into the real world. Anna looks rebels, pure and innocent throughout the episodes. I don't expect her to become smart in tactical out of the blue. K2 has saved her many times and that makes her believes that K2 is her amulet.What more do I expect from a girl who has been abused psychologically by Madam Choi and others (including her father).

 So, when someone lending a hand on her, she receives it in reluctant. Her step-uncle regards her as stepping stone to his greed in conditions he will make her succeed in revenge too. I don't really think Anna will succeed in her revenge because the uncle is kinda selfish and 'idiot'. OR pehaps he is the master mind behind the Anna's death mother.It is hard to fight a resourceful woman like Madam Choi. At times, I feel sorry for Madam Choi for no reasons. Her characters are kinda understandable as well. But, it is not right to hurt, kill, hostage someone for her own happiness.

Episode 10 reveals Secretory Kim true face. She plans to kill K2! this perhaps because Madam Choi starts to open her heart for K2, intimately or as friend. [I think she falls in love with him!] Secretory wants to warn Madam Choi about their true mission in the first place. I personally think, secretory is greedy, she feels threatened by the presence of K2. She is the Creator of Madam Choi now, and K2 presence could destroy her years efforts.


Episode 16 marks our sleepless nights of worrying Jae Ha's safety. Hip Hip Horray girls, he is safe now! 2 consecutive episodes shows how Jae Ha struggles himself to the fullest. Everyone gives him overload jobs.. He is everywhere! He has to steal the memory card, going back and report this and that to madam Choi, get shot, find Anna and SAVE HIS COMRADES! Seriously no jokes, he looks terribly ill.

He is after the Assemblyman men and finds out that the bomb cannot be defused  and Anna is at the building. He shouts loudly till my ears almost dysfunction. Amazingly, with his current state of having after-surgery and newest injures, he goes back to JSS building. His comrades are busying trace Anna. Yet, Jae Ha heart brings him to Anna. His strong-will defeats the oppositions.However, his state makes him unconscious and Anna is brought to the Cloud Nine. When he awakes, he make the comrade over time, bringing him to the Cloud Nine using ropes instead (the lift is deactivated).

With Madam Choi remains there with her half-brother, now they have more people ( the husband, Anna, the secretory) there, arguing beside a huge box that contains bomb.  When the half-brother finds out that the bomb could not be defused, he become furious and shot Madam Choi. Everyone becomes panic. Madam Choi lays down on the bed and the husband tries to stop the blood by his tie. At that moment, Madam Choi feels deeply moved. Anna switches role and presses the shot cut. Anna gets what she wants, the truth behind her mother's death.

Jae Ha existence interrupts the conversation and the half-brother becomes sickly mad. He uses Anna as the hostage and freely run away from the mess he made. Now, they have few minutes remain. Jae Ha asks Madam Choi to keep strong and left the mirror. Madam Choi refuses Jae ha kind effort. Jae Ha, Anna, secretory and the husband walk towards the elevator. A minute later, the husband walks away from the lift and lefts his last word to Anna.

The husband comes back and drags the huge box into the mirror glass. He wants to reduces the impact for people safety. Tho, his act is for Anna, I insist that is his willingness to die together with the wife who once received bad treatments. They hugs one another and cries stream from their heart. 3.2.1...the explosion gets the rest attention. The comrades keeps updating what is happening to Jae Ha and Anna. They are really happy with the result. For me, it is not that they are happy to know that Madam Choi die, but, they do not know the real situation happened at the Cloud Nine.

Towards the last scene, we can see that the half-brother is killed by the secretory. While, the assemblyman is kidnapped by Jae Ha and is brought to untouched land. They receive their retribution. I find this result is satisfy tho morally is not. This drama teaches us to kill people for what they did instead of court punishment.

Okay, I dont want to analyse the very end scene. YOU HAVE TO WATCH YOURSELVES.

 Some may find heart broken with Madam Choi's death. She does not die alone, her husband follows her and mirror is with her. That is her wish, inseparable with 'mirror'. Mirror is an alternate personality of hers, another unconscious 'id'. The husband companion is regarded as credit.

I find out that Madam Choi reverts herself as a good mother at last. She once hates Anna for stealing her husband affection. She makes Anna as the hostage in order to make the husband submits to her power. She wants to show to the very end that she chose the right decision when she refused an arrange marriage, married the husband instead. At last, she comes clean to everyone who accused her as a murder. He death is not a karma, but rather a catastrophe of a powerful character.

YES, this women deserves an award. She gives out the best acting that not everyone can has. Tho a woman is associated with a weak heart, powerless...yet, her acting shows differently. Her elegant gestures, vary expressions, strong vibes and showing great chemistry with Jae Ha make us anticipate to this drama. I vote her for the next US presidential election ( WHO ARE WITH ME? )

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