Friday, 14 October 2016

Jealousy Incarnate shows a different side of usual plot.

Hi, there... i am actually in the middle of finishing my slide presentation. and yes, i am so intense by the unending assignments. Thanks to "Jealousy Incarnate", at least, i could chillax. Haha

For a Korea crazy fan like me, we don't really choosy pertaining the genre of the drama. we are camping fire to any latest drama that comes out anyway. BUT, lemme recommend you guys with a ROMCOM (romantic  comedy). I present....

Image result for jealousy incarnateIt starts with a simple plot of a woman, Pyo Na-Ri (Kong Hyo-Jin) who has 3 years crush(ed) on Lee Hwa Shin (Cho Jung-Seok). Wha Shin don't really pay attention of her, he is a working machine with no heart for LOVE. He loves himself more. Na-Ri and Hwa Shin work under one building and there is no excuse for them not to meet tho. Hwa Shin gets sick and needs an immediate surgery of breast cancer (breast cancer rarely happens to man, so of course he embarrassed). It turns out that he admitted to a same hospital to Pyo Na-Ri (they share the same room too). There, they speak out what they feel and how Pyo Na-Ri really wants to end her lonely crush on him. When they are getting better, they meet as a colleague sometimes and become closer and closer. Things get complicated when a best buddy Ko Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) of Hwa Shin comes between them. Pyo Na-Ri experiences a change of heart. While, Hwa Shin falls for her for real!

The story not focuses on the main leads, there are many other stories within a story. Pyo Na-Ri lives with two others families which have their own bittersweet life. There is Na-Ri's brother who become close to two others neighbors, one of them is a girl. This girl turns out to be Hwa Shin's niece. This girl also makes trouble by dragging her two mothers. These two mothers also involve with house renter. So to speak, there are a lot of messes affairs here. BUT, the messes not become intense like any usual drama, many comedies become the remedies to make this drama even majestically enjoyable to watch!!

The writer intentionally ridicule the plot with many slapstick scenes. So to make clear, they involve with triangle love. It does not seem to any we used to. They nailed it!
the attention of Ko Jung Won is irresistible! i also hard to choose whom I should ship for. I get a second-lead syndrome tho.

WARNING: drama drama is not recommended for a weak heart.

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