Wednesday, 17 August 2016

korean drama lists


1, Oh My Venus

This is my TOD (top on demand). The woman character's is funny and sweet. The man lead is reliable and supportive in many ways. He helps her begins a new healthy life. The drama itself is refreshing. It is hard to hate the antagonists since love is selfish. I get to see the cheesy moments between the couples and their friends. I never know that self defense could become passionate times. *TAP TAP. Most importantly is, the supporting casts are extremely handsome! just imaging YOU live under one rooftop with 3 handsome, dashing MEN!!! *scream!!

2. Descendants of the sun

This drama is about military + romance + comedy. It tells the story in its own unique way. Not many or this the very first genre ever had in drama industry. It is hard to believe that the locations taken were just in KOREA. At first, I really thought it was taken in Greece or somewhere other than Korea. This drama makes you think YOU ARE INSANE! this drama can make you crying and laughing at the same time. Some other time, YOU will feel safe and secure with the MEN in here. Capt. Yoo captives my attention throughout the episodes. Though, sometimes I have a second lead syndrome. I am rooting the two couples + two other couples! The supporting cast such as dr. Danial makes my day sunny! I am more happier with all these MEN around!
  I keep the soundtracks as my valuable fortunes. LOL

3. My lovely Gong Shim.

It is hard to accept the reality that the couple has a huge age gap. Tho, the couple shows a great chemistry and captive my attention. I have bias with the man lead since he was a vicious man in other drama (s). He always makes me clenching my teeth with his superb vicious character. It is relief that he has sweet and funny sides here. He redeems himself here. He is actually a lawyer but usually makes people misunderstood of him as jobless because he comfortably wears slippers and eats using coupons. Talk about the girl, she actually is cute in bob hair cutting (tho she wears a wig). She loses confidence because of her sister achievement. She resists to expose her talents and here come our TWO MEN who help her exploring life! This drama portrays a light tension among the casts. 

4. Let's fight, ghost (bring it on, ghost)

This is ongoing drama. I am not sure about the ending whether it will end happily or otherwise. What makes this gains many viewers is because it is ROMCOM. It tells about a pure love between human and ghost (soul). Bong Pal has the ability to see ghosts which make him becomes ghost fighter. He gains the side incomes from the exorcism service. On night, he meet with Hyun ji, who pre-assumes died 5 years ago. Bong Pal spent his money over this lovely ghost. WHAT MAKE THIS DRAMA DIFFERENT????  Here, I get to see ghost gets sick, drunk, stumble, scare and many more! I like her dance from twice. LOL. There is a tied tension between these two with the possessed professor. With the help from two humor friends, they gonna solve the mystery. This drama is a promising drama of the year (2016). Again, the main characters have a huge age gap. However, I does not bother with that because they are showing a great lovely couple. 
WARNING: There are many ghosts wander here!


5. W

This drama is ongoing and we never know what will happen next. I am frustrating myself with its never ending mysterious. This drama depicts the female enters the webtoon life and gets in touch with the male lead. They somehow begins to fall in love. However, these love birds are living in two different worlds which makes impossible for them happily ever after. The villain interruption makes their happy-together life seems farther away. What makes me anticipate is, they are cherishing the time they have. while, I have many BIG QUESTIONS to ask but no one can help. *sobbing .The writer-nim is great at making viewers clenching their teeth. This drama is bringing us to a roller-coaster ride! In short, the curiosity kills me! it perhaps kills YOU too!


6. Doctor crush

As far as I could remember was, emergency couple really leave a big impact on me! I have a higher expectation on this and This drama exceeded! Doctor crush has its own beauty. It is focusing on romance between the neuro-surgeons (Neurologists). Park Shin-Hye immerses herself as a tough, dependable, reliable woman who is living with her grandmother's wishes. She falls in love with her ex-school teacher who soon becomes her colleague. Love and friendship become her rivals.  

7. Beautiful mind


Another medical drama which are tied with Doctor crush. They're aired at the same Day which makes me becomes insane. This drama really challenged the common medical genres. It depicts Dr Lee jr. does not has empathy as a human should has. He lacks of emotion or in other word, he could not understand other's feeling and emotion due to frontal brain damaged. He is called as antisocial and psychopath. His father is his closed-rival but he could not resist but is indebted to the father. He unknowingly unconditionally attached to a female officer. Many occasions happened which questioned his qualification as a neurologist.  However, it soon was revealed that his adopted father actually has long-term abused his emotion. Personally I liked his character more than other half evil doctors. The five power rangers doctors are really gossipers which make this drama more lively. What a mind blowing drama!

the female lead ( Park So-Dam) is recently starring in a new drama called Cinderella and 4 Knights. The most awaited drama because the 4 men are extremely stunning!


8. Glorious Day


It was not 2016 drama, But, I recently watched it. It was a family oriented drama. I cried, laughed, wretched, depressed through 40+ episodes. It was a lively drama and somehow really depicts the real life situation of a family. It tells about four families happened to live nearby. One family involves with a mother with three reach-aged marriage daughters. Another family has father, mother, grandparents and Two handsome sons. The third family has a father and a son. The last family has only himself (soon emerged with the first family by a marriage) They became neighbors under one circumstance. They quarreled and reconciled throughout the eps. Personally, I get emotionally disturbed here! HAHA

9. Come, Jang Bo ri.


Get me holds on this. This is another emotionally challenged drama. It was a heart breaking family-oriented drama. I personally hated the antagonist woman. She snatched the female lead (Bo ri) fortunes. After they are grown up, she has a daughter out of wedlock. The daughter soon became Bo ri's adopted child. Bo ri gave her full attention on the child and forgot about herself. Bo ri is an innocent woman but tough. Her daughter is smarter than her. Both of them are duo and have such a pure and good-hearted. The male family came into framed. The male (Jae hwa) came from a rich family who regarded money over anything else. The president seemed hard on the outward but soft inside. Not until the lively child made changes of everything. 
WARNING: prepare tissues. LOL

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