Monday, 22 August 2016

korean drama all time/ oldie drama (winter sonata, autumn in my heart, princess hour and full house)

WINTER SONATA was hit Malaysia in the year 2002. I was a middle schooler back then. I remembered that almost all my family members were gathered at the living room each time it was aired. We were anticipated over this drama. Korean drama was tied with Hindi movie of that year. 

Bae yong-joon and Choi ji woo got their fame not long after this drama was finished. There were  sculptures and places dedicated for them. those memorable items become the tourism attractions until now.

AUTUMN IN MY HEART was released earlier than winter sonata, in year 2000. This drama became phenomenon and referred as korean wave since then. It was a melodic drama. It was hard not cry over this. Besides, these two drama were made into remake drama(s). 

A romantic drama from GOONG / PRINCESS HOUR, it brought me to a fairy tale of royal family. In the year of 2006, this was another drama from korea which has mesmerized people. The drama was fined and creative to be exacted. I remembered, I would go to public library just wanna download and play the its OSTs. LOL

FULL HOUSE was rather a 2004 drama by two formidable characters, Song Hye-Kyo and Rain. Impressively, Song Hye Kyo made her name internationally through Autumn in my heart, Full house and 2016 drama, Descendants of the sun. She's good at choosing scripts, right?
It was made into remake(s) from Thailand, Philippines and more. 

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