Monday, 22 August 2016

Five Enough/ 5 Children (episode 54/last episode)


Five Enough.

A beautiful drama, indeed. Surprisingly, I am enjoying 54 episodes, and re-watch each episode whenever I have time. It's a family-oriented so there are not much 'censored' scenes which I am grateful with.   

The main characters are not Sung Min and Yeon Tae but, rather their eldest brother and his new wife.The story is like this, 
Sung Tae lost his wife due to health declination, He had to raise his two kids with the help of his family in-law. He is a capable manager and there was a new woman worker, An Min Jung at the company. An min jung is not a simple woman. She was a divorcee, had tempered and had three children. They had fallen in love with one another and were about to tie a knot. It was not an easy way to re-marry as their children schooled together, the in-law(s) refusal and love rival.... 

I admired Sung Tae maturity to solve the problems. He really portrayed a family man tho. Things got better one after one. 

Towards the end episode, particularly eps 53, Min jung showed her discomfort over an upset stomach. At first, the mother(s) in-law thought that they were having the 6th grandchildren. However, Park Ok Soon saw this otherwise and she recalled her late daughter had the same symptom. She reported this to Sung Tae. Sung Tae got a pale face when he knew that.

 I almost burst to tear because I thought she was really unhappy and nervous about her health examination result. She even say, "what will happen to our can you take care of 5 our children if i died..."   Until the below picture came outta...

my mood was spoiled with her rather teasing (/◕ヮ◕)/.   She teased him which she wanted to make 
the husband at ease. 

A suspicious brother suspects over his one and only sister bride-to-be. The sister is cought red handed went a trip with her capable handsome boyfriend, Sung Min. He knew what a man expected from a trip because he once was a bad guy. LOL

The two had a long night yesterday. They tried to avoid controversial questions from the 'two police officers'. Yeon Tea's avoided eyes contact because she was a really bad liar. [they actually had a long chitchat about how their marriage life would be]

They neighbors were getting quite well. I admitted Jin Joo's parents were busybody kind of persons. They messed up their ex son in-law new marriage because they had situations. They loved their ex son in-law very dearly actually.

An awkward moment. Their relationship at the beginning was very...complicated and unexpected. Jin joo and Te min continue their fights and there is no sign of marriage, yet. Hope to see win the battle tho.

Yeah! They were finally married!!!! *Chukha haeyo..

These two were always messed up with our Daehan migguk mother, An Mi Jung. Thanks for making them lived in a measurable life, without kid(s). 

Here we go our newlywed couple. The wife asked him to join Lee sang tae's new event instead. After several cute debates, Lee yoon tae won the battle. Min sung now had two rivals ( Lee sung tae and Lee ho tae). He had to follow his rather new wife manager for the rest of his life, right? * serve him right

They celebrated the 1st wedding anniversary at a cafe. As time passed, the family is getting close. The five kids finally accepted that they are living under one roof. This time, The kids even asked the parents to make a wish. 

I found out that It is rare occasion to has five children in Korea. 

Two brothers received punishment because of their shortcomings. I bet, they are partners in crime now. While the parent lost their words over the smallest kid in the house!

They watched Lee ho tae won an award at Aisia film festival. Ho tae made a speech to thanks his wife and son. He kinda forgot to thank his parents tho. "It is a waste to raise a son.." LOL

mr. father and mrs. mother lost their second son over a new woman in the house!


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