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Chinese Drama on Lists (boss and me, my amazing bf, love at 17, love me if you dare, Prince of wolf, whirlwind girl)

Chinese Drama from Mainland China, Taiwan, etc....


1. Boss & Me

BOSS AND ME never disappoint me. I watch it like countless times! should I call this ever green drama ( or TOD)???

Whenever I feel blues, I always ends up watching this drama. It is a passionate drama. It is full with love and humor. The female lead accidentally donates her unique blood to the male lead's sister. As to show gratitude, the male lead gives bento (lunch box) to the female lead everyday. She will eats alone at the rooftop. Unknowingly, he sees that. He starts to feel happy whenever around her. He will call her at the lunch time and they end up eating the meal together. Yet, she could not admit that she also loves him because she is a low-spirited girl. I love his character as a brother and a boyfriend. He gives his all in the relationship.  They are like other couples, heading up and down of relationship. Thing gets complicated when she has a financial problem. She has to retreat because her father does not allow her to be with him. 
His sincerity makes the female lead bravely accept him.
This drama is not too intense to begin with. It is worth to be watched. * smiling 

2. My amazing Boyfriend

Another remake drama. It is a remake of My Love From The Star (2013), Korean drama. With a very comedic action as the boundary thus make these two drama(s) bit different to one another. This rather humorous ROMCOM of two main characters. I would always end up talking to myself "This does not make any sense", "He can use smartphone..", "He can flies?", "He should not do that", "Arghh, he extremely delicious", "he is showing funny in his cold-eyes", "he smirks are...."
Gimme a break. LOL

This unreasonable ROMCOM is about a man suddenly awake after 150 years in coma state. He is a kind monster who does not age, can fly (technically jump), his blood is useful, a fast learner, and has many estates. On the other hand, the girl is clumsy, unfortunate, easily gets into trouble, arising second lead actress, and childish. One cold night, he saves her from a traffic accident. They become entangle after that. Their hearts share the same beating pace. They interchangeably help one another. The biggest thing is, he becomes the 7th boyfriend of the girl. The girl gets clingy on him and it is  hard for him to resist from her seduction. LOL  

3. Love at Seventeen

How lucky she is!  A 30-year old woman gets to undo her time when she was a 17 teenage girl. She finds the lost love on her journey. Friendship comes into package as well. I satisfies with the male lead's strong character. I like the 4 friends + 1 new friend, indeed. The 4 persons are closed friends during high school and they meet again after several misunderstandings. The lead is a secret admirer to the female lead *comel sangatt. He protects her from rains, thunderstorms, and foes!  

4. Prince of Wolf

This is ongoing drama and we perhaps have to wait for months to know its end. Yep, I have to admit that the male lead (wolf) has an outstanding model figure. In this drama, he is an ignorant male who grew up in a forest with his animate father, wolf. He is likely a Tarzan who easily can jump from one big tree to another big tree. One fine day, he meets with a woman in the forest. They are together for several days until he develops close attachment to the woman. However, woman's friend comes and takes her back to the city. Our Tarzan determines to go out from the forest in order to meet his love one. There, he becomes a public figure in entertainment celebrity and bit by bit his background is revealed. He is actually the son of a famous businesswoman. 


5. Love me if you dare

The duo meet after several occasions. They solve the mystery cases together. The male lead is a cold-hearted man who used to become a victim. He is smart and he uses that gift as an investigator. The female lead becomes his assistant and crimes unexpectedly relate to their connection as well. A psychopath comes between them and destroys everything (YOU HAVE TO WATCH THAT). The crimes look real! and yes, I like his car very much! 


6. Whirlwind Girl

At first I am not that interested because the female looks fragile. She actually has a strong determination in her petite body. Towards the middle part, I start to feel the male lead has such a charming figure. This is because, he is the senior and coach at the Song Bai Hall. He takes special care on the girl and love starts to bloom along the way. Sometimes, I have second lead syndrome as well because the 2nd lead male has a strong charm. The competitions seem unreal with the high jumps and flying kicks. However, the story within the competitions hold me from withdrawing this drama. 

The drama does not finish there, there is Ji Chang Wook plays as the new coach. There will be much  love stories.....

This is a sequel of the whirlwind girl. (To be updated)

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