Friday, 9 October 2015



Teenagers, women, ladies are all the same. they really care about beauty. there are lots of definition about 'beauty' though. Men and women tend to re-define the means of beauty. furthermore, being beauty, You will get everything. Beauty means you are slim, tall, white skin, flawless, look younger than your age! that is what the definition connoted.

Beauty is defined differently in some other countries and it looks like it is a culture debate, being a beauty. More or less, our society cares external appearance instead of the inner beauty. Gwiyomi connotes the same idea. Some people out there say beauty is a pain. there you go a story about a woman dares to be different by undergoes a plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery for a countless time in order to get satisfies beauty she dreams of. The man is also towards the same path.

What will you get after being a beauty? Ans: Everything Anything under the sun.

So what will happen if you are not a beauty? Stop.

a beauty is NOT everything. FULLSTOP.

Even YOU are not beauty, you still may get the job offer, love, and marriage. Show them your effort and they will gradually acknowledge you. You will be treated sincerely whether they like or not about you. In other word, you will get the sincere answer from them. Not only that, you shall have enjoyed your life to the fullest. Rejoice your life with something meaningful rather thinking about being rejected. You perhaps get better than the beauties out there. Beauty will not last longer, it will die eventually.

You Reader, may find I don't talk much about what is the advantages for not born beauty. My words may not much, but the life experience you will face (go through) will teach you about "beauty is not everything."

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Friday, 18 September 2015

eyesome places in Hong Kong. tempat percutian menarik dan makanan Halal

lock of love. 

night's view (Times Square)

night view

corn bakwan


Stanley Beach

eye-catching view


lock of heart (forgot the place name)

stair(s) to Mosque

Muslim Cemetary (tombs are usually in that kind of shape)


Asssalamualaikum w.b.t

A year has passed since my last entry. what a lazy woman I am meh?
Well, last January I went for my two weeks holiday. It was a short escapism. The one and only country I gone to and fell in love with, HONG KONG.

what makes it special?
1. people. the people (The Chinese) there are generous, friendly, and open-minded.

2. place. It is safe for us (tourists) to walk alone without guardian or friend because the polices patrol at many places. *Please bring along your passport at any time.

3. shop. I love to shop and this country gives me satisfaction. The price is affordable and negociatable.
4. street market. the street markets (such as Jadin market, Wan Chai market, etc) sell most of the China mesmerise handicrafts.

5. Transportation. There are buses, taxi(s), MTR, trems (ten ten). I rather walk because i can take a look at discount products sold at the shop. haha

6. The Halal food. The Halal food can be found:
1) Canteen, Islamic Union of Hong Kong.
2) supermarket (find Halal lebel)
3) Indo groceries (Most of Malaysia products  also can be found here)
4) Indonesian stall (there are few famouse restaurants such as Warung Malang and some other hidden places). Normally, they make their houses as the restaurants thus You need to ask the location from the local or Indonesian community.
5) wet market. It it easy to find fresh fish, fruits and vegetables here. It usually open early in the morning and close at 7pm. I choose to cook (home made) and this place is always my fav spot. The other reason is because my brother's house locates near the wet market. I can just buy shrimp and fish from the door. haha

7. The sea and beaches. I love them a lot. I usually go to Stanley beach for barbecue and Usrah. I participate in many activities organized by Islamic Union of HK. I can know many people and befriend with them even just 2 weeks time. Muslims are the brotherhood.

HONG KONG ren ni hao


street market

Times Square, HK

trems and buses

office of Islamic Union HK 

Halal din sum

prawn  din sum

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