Friday, 31 May 2013


Sidang pembaca yang dimuliakan..

bila sebut saja pasal EXAM pasti seram sejuk kan? Semua pasti komen Belum READY..Huhu
Everyone told that.. (sarcastic)
yeah, it's happening to me now! owh, what I'm gonna do?
I kind of regret, I shouldn't take my lecturer advice seriously. Taking MUET alone in stranger place is supposedly a nightmare! If not, I can go for my holiday to Hongkong this June-Sept.yupp, upset...

This is my fate, maybe there is something good hidden..Allah knows better~ 

Anyhow, I should focus myself. At least I should have Level 3 and above. Thus, I must start preparing myself with many kind of stuff such as buy the book, practice and doa moga Allah permudahkan..hihii. 

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