Thursday, 21 March 2013

SpM aGaiN !!!

I'm gone for a while, remain silent..There's nothing to share actually.. 
Again, i'm so busy with the assignments given!!!


No joke, my 3 nieces just had their SPM result today!! congrats Girl!!! Even you got cukup-cukup makan.. but somehow bersyukur laa on what you've got. The result crucial thing and you fail doing good, but doesn't mean this is the end. In fact, this is just the beginning my dears'!

Girls, please don't choose to be with me coz i know you all would not be as patient as i am! Go, find another university. You all are good enough to explore other world that much beautiful. Fly my butterflies!! 

I know their result from their grandmother which is my mother. Well, I contacted them, but no one answered it! You girls doing what I've done before..hahaha!!

And i am very sure you would not dare to updates Facebook or twitter or even whatsApp!! OR you hiding yourself?! That what i already been through..hehee

Sorry for not being there to accompany you in the crucial time. I'm also in my hardest time. I cried till shed of tears. We're in the same boat today...let it be a secret!! shhh...(wait, why i change topic??)grrr

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