Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cameron Highland

Hello there!!!!

it has been few week i dont really care my blog... haha
hmm..no reason
just I dont care!
well, if i update i'm sure not much people will read..so i dont care!!
what happened to me??! what ever...

let see,
Last week was awesome!! i spent most of the time with my family.. vacation to Cameron Highland, Malaysia.
It was wonderful vacation. We visited Boh tea Farm...Strawberry farm... Talking about that, i dont really like strawberry at first, but my brother kept convinced and Yes, i love strawberry now. Especially the Ice cream. It was only Rm2 and Rm1.

Moreover, we also visited Smoke House. The House was just like heaven with trees and chairs.. How can i explained? hmm..for people who like English house decoration, It just similar to it..we took many pictures there together and my big nephew was just like a kid although he's 25..hahaha
We took as a couple and posted on facebook just to make people 'O'... hhuhiii

Talked about Cameron, it has changed... i meant the weather is not so cold as before. We brought sweater but we dont wore it because sometimes it's cold and sometimes it's sunny...For me, the weather was almost the same with summer in Hong Kong. But the destination was really meant for me.. i hope i can be there again.. shopping strawberry stuff and vegetables..haha

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