Monday, 3 September 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

Messina's governor, Leonato, has a beautiful daughter named Hero and a sharp tongued niece named Beatrice. Leonato, hearing that Don Pedro, a Spanish prince of Aragon, has won a victory in battle and is returning home, invites him to stay a month at Messina. Don Pedro arrives with his assistants, Claudion and Benedick, and his illegimate brother, Don John.

      Claudio falls in love with Hero at first sight. he tells Benedick about his feelings. Don Pedro, who also knows of this, determines to help Claudio, and makes advances to Hero on his behalf. Don Pedro's follower tells him of Don Pedro's plan. At a ball held in their honour, the man arrives in masks. Don Pedro dances with Hero, while Benedick pair with Beatrice. Beatrice and Benedick are longtime adversaries constantly engaging in a war of words. Both have vowed never to marry. Don John, pretending to be Benedick, goes to Claudio and tells him that Don Pedro is about to confess his love to Hero. When Claudion confronts Don Pedro he learns that the prince has already helped arrange Claudio's marriage to Hero. 

       Don Pedro then plots with the rest to trick Beatrice too into marriage. When Benedick is alone, the prince and hero's father talk of how Beatrice is so lovesick that they worry for her health because they don't think Benedick will return her love. hero and her maid do the same when Beatrice is alone. Both thinking the other is in love soon start allowing themselves to fall in love, and instead of exchanging harsh words with each other, they now talk of love. When Don John hears about Claudio's wedding, he tries to stop it. This time, he gets his follower Boeachio who is in a relationship with Margaret, Hero's maid, to get her to wear Hero's clothes and stand by the window. Hearing Borachio calling Margaret "Hero", Don Pedro and Claudio accuse Hero of being faithless. Claudio refuses to marry her and Hero passes out. When the truth is learnt, Claudio is sorrow-stricken, and is told that his accusation caused Hero's death. he promises to marry whomsoever Leonato wills.

        Leonato then leads a disguised Hero to church and the lovers are finally reunited. They get married along with Benedick and Beatrice. Don is arrested and all ends well.

About the Author:

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was a famous English poet and playwright. Often called the Bard of Avon, Shakespeare's genius lay in giving the world plays have been translated into many tragedies, histories and17 comedies. Much Ado About Nothing made its debut around 1598. At the time, Messina in Sicily (near Italy) was ruled by Aragon (a Spanish state).

NST (2012 Aug, 30). School time: Issue Forty, Classics.


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