Friday, 20 April 2012

What I am do went a I got bored!

 Last night was super weido thing i done!

slept on some else room!!! well, she's invited me :P

I woke up and run back to my place.. searched for work!

I cleaned my room, swept the floor and wash the clothes..

 All i done alone.. i'm pretty good at house chores right?!! 

post on Fb, sign in Blog and login yahoo-mail..such a lame!!

when my friends will be back! i miss the noisy room.. how dare u all let me talk to my mr.Barney! 

hah, where my mr.barney go???? he cannot walk even speak.. where is my mr.Barney?? 

damn! i left it!!!!

P/s: sorry for the crazy words! :P

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