Sunday, 8 April 2012

What Girl Do Before Went Bed

syhhh!! it's T.O.P secret!!!!!!

guess what?? mostly, girl will start a 'conversation' with other girls.. They will talk about guys!
it become tradition girls talk about the guys she met accidently... some will predict 'that guy' is her spouse to-be.. haha, unbelievable!!

girl A come in
girl A: hey you (girl B, girl C).. you know, today i met a super handsome guy!!

girl B: Really??!! tell me, hurry!

girl C: Hmm...she just pretending!

girl A: hmm, what ever!! i really met him.. he! His face looks like 'lee min ho'.. can i not notice him before?? tomorrow i will look for him again..spying him around..hahaha

girl B: bring me there!! i want make sure you are not lied!

girl C: me too..

Look?! this what girls always do.. bedtime story about guys! sometime they hope they will 'dream' about him..ewww!

Maybe the Guys do the same too.. who knows!

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