Monday, 18 July 2011

cooking demo at a class..

firstly, i think impossible to 'cook' or serve a meal.. ye laa, in a small class with a lot group..

Our lecturer made it happen! lecturer lelaki nihh mmg sempoii..hehehe.. Kami bawak sume perkakas, bahan2 , sorang2 group wat demo kat depan... macam2 makanan barat aderr.. there salad, cocktail, sandwich.. time ak, ak lupa ap nma dish kitaorg sediakan.. our own product, our own brand.. hehe..
Alhamdulillah, lecturer bagi pujian ats usaha yg kami lakukan... i'm so happy today.. well, after we finish the dish.. the whole class become smelly, good smelly..hihiihi.. thank alot just us last use the class..if not, gonna be someone faint! hahahahaha

 what a tired day,, there's another assignment 'waiting' for us! hope we gonna do the best like this again.. :)


 'ingat laa ap yg happy.. dan lupakan ap yg pahit'.. moga aku dapat praktikkan kata2 nihh esok..moga aku sabar menghadapi hari esok dan lusa..

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