Friday, 27 May 2011

budak kampung masuk university..

maaf laa klu ayat bi nih berterabur sket.. lma tak speaking soalnya.. hehe

3 days left.. and i'm going to reach my ambition!!! but somehow, i still afraid of the days i'm gonna trough... a day gonna be 1000 days in jail...uuwwwww~

pack thing! what i have to bring?! how many?! erm, that how i feeling right now,' depression'..  what i must to bring there... last yesterday.. my brother and i round all the Bandar Kuantan.. just to search and buy a big  beautiful bag and leather shoes..!! finally i bought them both..  stress of stuff
..stress of the test EPT and APT!

Went KL! tomorrow i gonna went there.. bring all the stuff and  and my soul..
how i am gonna trough the hard time there.. there will a friend that will be friend with me? who will wipe my tears went i felt sick.. MOm~ i love u.. i don't want to leave you..please let me stay..hukhuk
I remembered went i get fight with my camp's friend, i cry all night quietly.. and what if that happen again?! NO... i don't want!

UIAM! a place different at all! all the members are foreigner and most of all from others place... such a depress situation!

like or not.. UIAM, here i come!!!!! :(

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  1. jgn risau... xde pape nyew... kita pon camtu gak, tp xde la sampai nangis2... huhu...

    Jah, FIGHTING!!!


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